This was a tough one this month. To be honest: I hadn’t had any camera with me when I saw komorebi: Sunlight filtering through trees. That’s bad. July was a month with a lot of clouded skies, and a lot of rain pouring out of the sky. That’s the weather in The Netherlands. No long warm summer nights with a lot of sunshine.

I love to photograph sunlight filtering through the trees or flowers or something else. So I pulled some photo’s I took in the past.

This is the Cherry Blossom Park. 400 trees planted as a gift from the Japanese Women’s Club in Amstelveen.  This was at sunrise and I was in awe of the colors and the light.

In September 2015 I went to the Posbank. I had to rise very early because it’s a hour drive by car from my home. But it’s so worth it. The peace, the colors and the sunrise. It was cold. But this is what makes my heart beat faster together with portrait photography and travelphotography.
I was driving home from the Posbank and had to pull over for this komorebi.
This is in my garden. Our garden is situated south-west. So I get a lot of sunshine here. I love to photograph the flowers in my garden. And as you follow me on Instagram you can see that.
This komorebi reminds me of a special night at our friends home. We sat outside and I was facing sunset with a glass of wine in my hand and most important: good company and a good conversation.

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According to her daughter, “you are in picture world. The biggest thing in your mind is picture world!”

She is a photographer on a journey –  intrigued by light and attracted to details. Yet, she tends to obliterate details. She showed me how to work with slow shutter speed and moving your camera.