Mellifluous, this blog circle  definitely teaches me new words I’ve never knew they exist. Mellifluous: A sound that is sweet and smooth, and pleasing to hear. Which sounds do I love? I asked my husband this question and he answered directly: “The sound of the sea”. And my heart told me: “Yes, I love this sound!”

I have an alarm clock with an iPod docking station beside my bed. Every night before I go to sleep I play my track with an one hour Ocean Surf from Dan Gibson’s Solitudes collection. It calms me and my breath is adjusting to the waves I hear. In my imagination it feels like I am living at the beach and hear the waves rolling. It’s one of my dreams: to own a house at a beach. Sometimes I am searching on the internet for some nice houses at the beach. Where? South of Spain, Portugal, Italy or the USA (California). Although Canada looks awesome too!

Why the sound of the sea? It’s almost silent. And silent is spelled with the same letters as listen. When I listen to the sound of the sea, my mind becomes quiet, silent and calm. And suddenly I live in the moment instead of thinking about yesterday, tomorrow or something else. It feels like I am grounding again. That I connect with my heart and feelings. I connect with my soul. And there in that moment of complete silence my inner voice talks to me. And I listen and feel and sometimes cry too. That is completely happiness. That is just being me. That is just perfect.

I don’t live close to a beach. It’s a 45 minutes drive from where I live. But we have a small lake nearby. As soon as I arrived there to take these photo’s I felt my mind and body connecting with my soul again. I became quiet and felt grounded again.

Which sound is Ana’s favourite? Find out here in her blogpost. Ana lives with her husband and their son in Barcelona! She loves to drink tea in her special tea mugs. She loves to read. She loves to cook. She loves to travel. And most of all she loves to laugh! I met her in Prague in 2011. Since then we meet annualy in an European city to catch up with photography, food, wine and laughter.