A Dutch word it is. Uitwaaien: to take a break, to clear one’s head. Literally: to walk in the wind. For me it is to take a break. To clear my head this month. I had a very busy month while taking care for my parents, my full time job and my own personal life. I came home last Sunday. It was a warm day. The sun was shining and I longed for a beautiful sunset. To clear my head. To let thing go and just enjoy the moment of being. The moment of watching the beauty around me. Breath in and out and just live in the moment. It silenced my thoughts and I had a clear head after a few minutes.

This is the Haarrijnse Plas¬†Utrecht in our neighbourhood at sunset.¬†Want to see how my friend Rachel in Canada clears her head? You can follow our circle to her blog here. I met Rachel in Prague a few years ago. A year later we met again in Barcelona. It’s time to have our annual weekend in Canada to meet again.