This months theme in our blog circle is Meraki. What does this little happy sounding word mean? Meraki: to do something with soul, creativity or love. When you leave a piece of yourself in your work.

For me I live my life completely with my mind, body and soul. And these items in my photo show you how I leave a piece of love in my life. It’s the food I eat. It fuels my body with the right nutrients. Ok sometimes I don’t eat that healthy. I love sweets, chocolate and sometimes a great glass of quality wine. I also love to use some luxury products to take care of myself. Chanel and Rituals. The books are for my mind. I love to read a good book. That can be a roman, thriller or detective. But also books about photography, vulnerability and things that keep life interesting. Some of these books fuels my soul/heart too. Also writing in my diary fuels my soul. And photography, yes, that one too. These are all things of course. They can be replaced. What cannot be replaced are the friendships I have with this small circle of friends all around the world. What cannot be replaced is the bond I have with my family. Nothing else matters more in my life than all these important people around me.

Of course there is more to see about Meraki. My friend Julie, living in the UK, who loves a cup of excellent tea. She aims to bring a warm personality with her. Well she doesn’t have to aim that. It’s her natural way of letting you feel special. Here is her blogpost. Don’t miss this one.