Venice, you took my breath away when I arrived. It was a long time ago that we met. I was there for just one day. But here I am again for 4 days. With my lovely international jetset photography friends. I was the 1st one to arrive so I had some time to wander through Venice on my own. And I fell in love. How I fell in love with those small cobbled streets, the little canals and the colorful facades of  the houses.



I love these little chapels and barred windows. Or windows with just shutters.


dsc_7162dsc_7163dsc_7164dsc_7167dsc_7168dsc_7171dsc_7179Piazza de San Marco. It was busy. The weather was lovely. dsc_7182And suddenly I found a small puddle. dsc_7190dsc_7206dsc_7207I entered a small church and lighted some candles for my family, friends and one of my deceased colleagues, Martijn. Somehow it’s alway peaceful and quiet in a church and I love that. It calms my mind.

dsc_7209 These benches were empty and I had a vision for a photo. But I needed a person in it. A old or young one. I waited for 15 minutes and here she was! dsc_7211-bewerktdsc_7222dsc_7225dsc_7227dsc_7230dsc_7241dsc_7242-bewerkt

The view from our apartment at Rio de Marin. dsc_7244dsc_7246dsc_7260

storyboard-4Us. As from left to right: Louise Freeland from the UK, Ana Quiroga from Spain, Rebecca Spencer from the UK, Julie Anne Skelton from the UK and Anne Wick from France. dsc_7275dsc_7284dsc_7292

Venice by night.dsc_7293dsc_7294

And of course we had our wine. This weekend is about photography, food, wine and lovely conversations about life and of course photography.


We visited the Jewish Getto in Venice. The Venetian Ghetto (incidentally, the first ghetto) was instituted on 29 March 1516, though political restrictions on Jewish rights and residences existed before that date.


Life stood still. We all became quiet. Our pace slowed down and we just looked and took photos. dsc_7328dsc_7329dsc_7330dsc_7331dsc_7333dsc_7334dsc_7335dsc_7337dsc_7341dsc_7342dsc_7343dsc_7345dsc_7346The grand canal. dsc_7352dsc_7355dsc_7356dsc_7363dsc_7387We decided to take the water taxi toward a little island. We wanted to be there at sunset. dsc_7409The hand of God in the church.dsc_7436dsc_7439dsc_7449dsc_7457dsc_7458dsc_7467dsc_7469dsc_7506dsc_7526The famous bridge of sighs. dsc_7550dsc_7552dsc_7560dsc_7566dsc_7567dsc_7570dsc_7573dsc_7580dsc_7589Our lovely Julie Anne. Quite a model isn’t she?dsc_7595-bewerktdsc_7601-bewerkt-2dsc_7601-bewerktAnd Louise. They both followed our posing instructions from the other side of Rio de Marin.dsc_7610-bewerktdsc_7619-bewerktdsc_7624-bewerktBurano. What a colourful little island. dsc_7637dsc_7643dsc_7646dsc_7670dsc_7679dsc_7690-2dsc_7690dsc_7694Yes, the tower of the church is leaning. It’s almost Pisa too.dsc_7695dsc_7698dsc_7701dsc_7703dsc_7717

storyboard-1Ana and I were together for a while. She is a stunning model! She knows how to flirt with the camera.


We traveled back to the city by boat. And we had a stunning sunset. The sky was on fire. dsc_7764dsc_7777dsc_7794No more vistors. And they are pointing towards the large cruise ships with all the visitors. Venice is busy and there are a lot of people wandering through the streets. Most of them tourists. dsc_7802We woke up early on Sunday morning. Ana had to leave for the airport. So we grabbed our camera and went back to the jewish getto. dsc_7803dsc_7810dsc_7811dsc_7813dsc_7816dsc_7823dsc_7827dsc_7831dsc_7840dsc_7844dsc_7851dsc_7855dsc_7860dsc_7868dsc_7872Our belated breakfast. With our appartement as a backdrop for this beautiful photo from Julie Anne. dsc_7877dsc_7881dsc_7901This man knew we were following him. What would you do if you had 5 girls with a camera following you through the streets? It always makes me wonder how their lives are. What is his age? What was his profession? Does he have a family? What is his life like? What/who does he love? What does he read? To which music does he listen?dsc_7905dsc_7923It was an awesome weekend to be together. When we had to say our goodbyes I had to cry. We have to wait another year to see each other in person again. Thanks girls for making this weekend unforgettable. X