Ineffable Wanderlust

Ineffable Wanderlust – Luminescence

In December we decided to start a monthly blogcircle for 2017. We all were excited. So here it is. Ineffable wanderlust. Ineffable: Too great to be expressed in words. Wanderlust: a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.

Luminescence: Light produced by chemical, electrical of physiological means.

For me it’s withdrawing from the world for a while. To shut out all the noise from the ever talking world. To find the silence within a place and also within me. Those are the times that my heart starts talking without being bothered by someone else. I can listen to my own voice and find what matters to me. What I find important. What makes me happy.

Within a church or a little chapel I can find this spiritual luminescence.

This is the church in the town I was born. The Sint Peter Banden Church. It’s a gothic church. Built in the 15th century. In 1944-1945 the tower was damaged. They placed a new one.

The church was closed but there is a little chapel outside. It’s a peaceful place where you can light a candle. Sit on a bench and just be there in the moment.

Want to see Luminescence through Rachel’s eyes? You can find her blog here. Rachel is 34. She lives with her family in Canada, Calgary area. Her husband was transferred to Milan and Abu Dhabi. I met her in Prague and Barcelona.


  • Julie Skelton

    So beautiful Anna – you know I really identify with wanting to shut out the rush and the noise every so often! These are so glowing and peaceful, a wonderful interpretation.

  • Ana

    Anna, a fantastic interpretation of luminescence. Your images portray such peace. I am so happy to be able to join you this year on the blog circle and I’m looking forward to the months ahead.

  • Vicki

    Anna, what a thought-provoking post, and some beautiful images. As someone who finds it very hard to seperate herself from the buzz of everyday life this has made me think how finding time for spiritual luminescence is important for all of us whatever our circumstances. Maybe a goal for February? Thank you 🙂

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